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Call Centre Services

Call Centre Services

SPD IDEAS and its call centre outsourcing partners operate 24 hours a day 364 days per year. It probably goes without saying but our network of call centre services providers operate in full compliance of all standards set forth by our legislators and law makers as they relate to all aspects of all campaigns. From DNC requirements, to contact times to scripting content and disclosures you can be assured your call centre outsourcing efforts are in capable, experienced and safe hands.

Cloud9 has established a working relationship with a large Call Centre Outsourcing network that relies on Cloud9 for client and project screening and evaluation.

Once we have compiled a profile of your individual call centre services and capabilities or the highlights of your marketing project we can properly match you with one of our clients or one of our call centres.

Cloud9 has experience in a wide variety of inbound and outbound telemarketing services applications.

Project Analysis

Our analyst's are the best in the business!

That which is not measured cannot be improved. SPD IDEAS knows what it takes to make money and our analytic expertise is second to none.

We have launched, managed, maintained and designed marketing campaigns across the globe and have a reputation for excellence in our industry. We have several different reporting platforms which will allow you to be a general or as broad as necessary when it comes to measuring your success.

SPD IDEAS will help you analyze how profitable your campaign is or can be. We can help your organization streamline your revenue potential through a variety of methods. After all the more successful your company becomes the happier you'll be with your new SPD IDEAS partnership.

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Project Management

From start to finish!

SPD IDEAS are able to offer project management services. In the past we have acted as project manager as a supplier of a solution, on behalf of a supplier, and for the end customer. We have managed several document management system implementations, call centre systems, a number of system migration projects and project migration to our associated call centres around the world.

Our Project Managers are familiar with running projects in a PRINCE and PRINCE 2 environment, but we are equally comfortable working with projects that do not have the budget or need to use such comprehensive methodologies.

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Ensure your staff are always the best

SPD IDEAS has assembled a team of training professionals who between them have years of experience in virtually all telemarketing applications.

If we take on a project that one of our training staff is unfamiliar with we have partnered with several marketing firms who also have trainers who can be sent to the centre in need of training. Our training staff has been a key element in launching several successful marketing projects for national and international clients.

The experience SPD IDEAS has been fortunate enough to cultivate through our many years of call centre operation and consulting left us with a highly motivated and knowledgeable training staff with two things in mind. The consumer’s happiness and the client’s bottom line.

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Quality Control

Ensure top quality, Every call!

The end result is what we're all thinking about at SPD IDEAS. A race car driver who drives 400 laps to win a race may be smiling from ear to ear when he’s first at lap number 399… But the only way he got to be first on that lap was to perform at the most Quality Level possible during the previous 398 laps.

If you ask SPD IDEAS the question, "which lap was the most important?" we wouldn't answer lap number 400, but rather “which was the least important?” The answer is probably obvious at this point… Lap number 400 may have won the race, but without superior performance and quality during the laps leading up to number 400 victory lane would lay miles away.

All of our centres are equipped with state of the art technology to ensure the utmost level of superior quality performance. We have digital recording capabilities, TPV vendors and partners, remote call monitoring, real time reporting and just about anything else you will require to ensure the quality of your marketing efforts.

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Dialler Services

Let us work for you!

We utilize cutting edge technology from industry leaders in the hardware and software business. Systems used include SER, (formerly EIS International) AMCAT, NOBLE, Strata Soft, Five 9 and TCMS plus many other “Standard setting” technology leaders.

When most of the SPD IDEAS team got into the "Tele" industry, push button phones, and cut up phone books were the technology de jour. Our team currently utilizes several different hardware and software platforms as part of our successful formula. We are always researching and becoming familiar with new and improved software platforms that are constantly being introduced by the industry leaders as well as the new comers who we consider to be out-of-the-box thinkers who will undoubtedly help shape the new metrics we'll be calling the standard in the years to come.

Our centres are capable of various IVR applications, Remote Call Monitoring, Conference Calling, Hot Transfers, TPV and or Digital recording applications. In addition to the many technological and service based applications, we are adept at all of the mainstream marketing applications including Outbound and Inbound sales, Script creation, Market Segmentation, Campaign analysis, Database mining, order taking and good old fashion market research.

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IT Support

The IT Guys can help!

Once the basic architecture of your goals and objectives has been designed we'll install the necessary functionality of that matrix resulting in the finished product. In short, you tell us your goals; we'll design a program according to your criteria and implement it.

The SPD IDEAS IT staff is experienced with several hardware and software applications. Our staff has been contracted to cable more than a dozen different new call centre sites. They have installed, worked with and maintained several different predictive dialler platforms, from UNIX based systems, Windows Platforms, as well as high-bred software platforms which were custom built for specific applications.

Additionally this team has years of experience with several off-the-shelf software applications including: SQL Server, PHP applications, Fox, Access, Excel, and many other applications.

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Leads & Calling Database

Need more leads? Sign up now!

Leads are one of the most important components of any marketing campaign. You can have the greatest sales materials, the most powerful reps, the best management and a cutting edge product but without the leads your effectiveness will suffer.

SPD IDEAS has developed quality and lasting relationships with lead vendors throughout our industry. This strategic partnership allows SPD IDEAS to receive first position files at preferred pricing. Our partner lead vendors know they can count on SPD IDEAS to provide them with excellent feedback from “live files” as well as the many complementary files we have an opportunity to test.

Our client’s vendors or marketing partners can choose to have SPD IDEAS handle or manage all of the leads for any given campaign. This centralized lead processing system eliminates duplicate efforts, upset prospects and allows for complete tracking of all data. We also handle file suppression, validation and the scrubbing all data. Anything you can think of in terms of data handling or manipulation, from reporting to verification SPD IDEAS can handle it.

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IT Help Desk

Lets get you up and running!

When it comes to Telemarketing Services, the technical experience, trainability and flexibility of the SPD IDEAS team is one of our biggest assets. We are able to perform at or above the level of any "in-house" technical help desk you'll find.

With an expert IT staff handling the practical application of a basic exchange of information through real-time channels we are able to take on big, small, simple or complex service projects.

Once you have chosen SPD IDEAS as your service provider you will have access through our affiliated partners to some of the most respected IT professionals in the field employed by some of the nation’s largest publicly held corporations.

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